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Converts data of hsbDesign models into whatever you need: CNC data for a wide variety of machine brands & models, for standard industry formats or for specific third-party softwares.
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hsbcad is trusted by leading companies in the offsite timber industry

hsbExport is a toolset to created to extend productivity with enhancements for manufacturer-specific machine settings (CNC) and third-party exports. With a longstanding partnership with leading CNC machine manufacturers, hsbExport provides robust support for both standard and bespoke CNC, optimizing the production workflow. You can manipulate exports using extension plugins to achieve more precise results on the machine and control the tool used with tool modifiers. hsbExport supports a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) approach, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your production process.

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hsbMake was developed to give you the right tools to get an insight on how your factory is running and where the limitations are in your workflow. Discover the other dynamic toolsets that are associated with this innovative solution.

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