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Our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for the offsite industry, delivering the right data, at the right time, in the right format to the right workstation.
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hsbcad is trusted by leading companies in the offsite timber industry

hsbMake is our innovative base platform on which all feature-rich manufacturing toolsets are built upon. You can get an inside of how the factory is running and where the limitations and potential bottlenecks are in the workflow. Completion of project designs, ready for production, allows you to store, version and control the creation all the files for production. This is not just only feasible for automated CNC workstations but also for manual traditional workstations. The production can be planned from start to end, all monitored in hsbmake. A project running behind or proceeding faster than expected, can all be diagnosed and adjusted to suit the factory to the situation. Issue management plays a part when something is wrong in the project and can easily be reported to the relevant stakeholders. Ensure production efficiency with built-in quality standards. Design once - produce everywhere.

Main Features
Technical Features

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hsbMake was developed to give you the right tools to get an insight on how your factory is running and where the limitations are in your workflow. Discover the other dynamic toolsets that are associated with this innovative solution.

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