Small & Medium scale

Automation of the detailing process
Automate with a proven design solution
With our software you enable your designs to be more detailed as ever and you automate repetitive tasks. Our integrated service enables all your stakeholders to work together with the same data.
Does what you need
An out of the box software solution that gives you the flexibility to do everything you want by offering you endless customisation where and when needed.
Automating your production process
Use our strong and reliable CNC link to drive your machines (Hundegger, Weinmann and more) with accurate data. Always be ready for the next step in the automation of your processes.
Smart practices
Our goal is not to provide you just with a software. We're your partner in the expansion of your company and grow with you. We provide advice along the way on new tools and new ways of working.
No more repetition
If you're doing a repetitive design task, our software will automate it for you. This way you save time and you focus on the real details that make the difference for your building.
The way you design it, is the way it will be built. You design Digital Twins of the eventual building enabling more efficiency and automation.

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