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Graphical computer numerical control (CNC) related instructions, such as nailing, milling, sawing and drilling applied by the user on design projects
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hsbCAM is a hybrid toolset designed to prepare projects for computer numerical control (CNC) production. Users can apply CNC-related instructions, such as nailing, milling, and saw lines, directly within the design project or through plugins during the export process. These lines can be modified, added, stretched, and copied to control the design model precisely. The toolset offers a graphical representation of CNC data tailored to the specific criteria of the manufacturing equipment, which users can customize. Additionally, hsbCAM allows you to preview all CNC data before sending it to the production line.

Main features
Technical features

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hsbMake was developed to give you the right tools to get an insight on how your factory is running and where the limitations are in your workflow. Discover the other dynamic toolsets that are associated with this innovative solution.

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