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hsbcad is a world leader in providing the software backbone of numerous leading companies in the offsite wood construction industry, where construction starts in an industrial manner at an offsite factory, followed by the assembly of the building onsite.

Founded in 1988 as an engineering company, our company transitioned to providing software solutions in offsite construction, with the release of our first version of hsbDesign in 1994. Since then we have grown from strength to strength, with our headquarters in Belgium, and extended offices in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Offsite construction was once considered “low-quality prefab business”, but has now developed into a fast-growing segment of the construction industry, with superior quality and productivity. Wood construction is also a more environment friendly segment of the construction industry, as it is one of the best carbon capturing technologies available, versus other construction techniques which are major generators of carbon emissions.

Powered by people

We have a dedicated and passionate team working all over the world to ensure a local market knowledge to our customers. We’re differentiating ourselves in the market by making a personal service a key in our offering. We don’t sell a software, we’re acting as a partner, living and growing with your journey.

Strong client portfolio

With over 500+ clients worldwide hsbcad is present in the worldwide offsite construction ecosystem. We work for all types of clients going from very specialized companies creating unique one off projects, to small and medium sized businesses and finally big industrial players pushing the limits of offsite construction. Our presence in these three big markets segments puts us in a unique position to share best practices with our clients.

Technology innovation

At hsbcad, we have always looked to break the boundaries of current technology, in order to deliver the most efficient, flexible and user friendly software solution as required in the offsite construction industry. Rapidly changing offsite construction has driven our need for ongoing innovation. With our dynamic team, we allow creative development time to generate ideas, taking the extra step to actually implement them thus bridging the gap from innovative thinking to execution. Aligned to this, our software, leads from the front and is built on a real sense of trust and dependability of our customers that results in industry leading tools that can be utilised in any project.
Karel Vinckier

Message from the Founder

“hsbcad is a worldwide active family business and this is how we want to help our clients: we offer the best solution on the market but we’re reachable and act as a partner on their side helping them grow and achieve their goals.”
Keith Cotter
Sales Manager
Hi, I’m Keith Cotter. I’m happy to help with any question you have.
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