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Toolset bringing CNC data, documentation and instructions to an automated workstation, in order to manage production steps in an offsite factory.
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hsbClientCNC is a comprehensive solution for your workstation that's fully compatible with our hsbMake platform. With hsbClientCNC, you can view all necessary files for your product, just like in hsbClient Manual, but with the added benefit of server-based data storage. Users can log in at a workstation, where their tasks are pre-planned and placed in order of production. When a job is started, hsbMake registers the start time and displays estimated completion times. During production, users can add comments and conduct quality checks before booking out a product. Upon booking out, production time is recorded and stored on the server. All results can be viewed from the office, ensuring seamless workflow management and oversight.

Main Features
Technical Features

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hsbMake was developed to give you the right tools to get an insight on how your factory is running and where the limitations are in your workflow. Discover the other dynamic toolsets that are associated with this innovative solution.

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