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Save precious time between approval and production design, directly convert Revit® walls to framed walls.

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A flexible, customizable and user-friendly toolset to help prefabrication companies meet their / CAM needs through their production processes: Design, Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA).
  • ‍Preserve manual changes while framing the wall, and customize your design without fear of losing important work.
  • ‍The latest addition to our framing style editor is the Butt connection that enables face-to-face connections. Moreover, it comes with a refreshed UI for a productive experience.
  • ‍Configure your custom rulesets that automatically check your design and prompt for errors. One-time setup, a lifetime of designing without worries.
  • Create a pocket and point load in a stick frame wall to support a beam. Additionally you can create a vent in a stick frame wall either around MEP objects or placed manually.

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