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26/03/2024 - Mass Timber Conference, Portland, Oregon (USA)

Simpson Strong-Tie, hsbcad Announce Partnership

Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, and hsbcad, the leading global software solution provider for offsite timber construction, are expanding their technology partnership to include a best-in-class wall framing engine. The two companies will announce the agreement during the Mass Timber Conference, March 26–28, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

“Simpson Strong-Tie and hsbcad have been collaborating for a number of years, and this partnership takes it to the next level,” said Noah Daniels, Vice President of Software Development for Simpson Strong-Tie. “This expansion will further enable us to position Simpson Strong-Tie as a market leader in the evolution from traditional to automated production, while showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of hsbcad’s software solutions.  

"At hsbcad, we are extending our partnership with Simpson Strong-Tie to a strategic level. Helping our partner bring a state-of-the-art solution to market with our innovative solutions is very exciting. When two market leaders join forces, incredible things tend to happen." said Karel Vinckier, CEO at hsbcad.

The partnership marks a significant advancement for offsite builders of wall panels. This collaboration focuses on delivering a comprehensive wall paneling solution tailored to the unique needs of offsite construction. With the aid of hsbcad's parametric detailing system and its powerful framing engine, offsite builders will now be able to model and detail efficiently and accurately to the level required for automated manufacturing, linking the modeling results to CNC machining and shop floor automation.

“hsbcad is the leading best-in-class software solutions for the offsite timber construction industry covering all the DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) stages, while Simpson Strong-Tie is known for our expertise in structural engineering and construction connectors,” Daniels added. “By pooling resources and expertise, the partnership will foster a culture of innovation, leading to the creation of cutting-edge solutions that address evolving industry challenges.”

As the partnership between Simpson Strong-Tie and hsbcad progresses, members of the public are advised to expect further updates and developments resulting from this collaboration.

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Maria Fe Magallanes
Growth Marketeer at hsbcad