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Perth, Australia
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My Home by Offsite

Architect Michelle Blakeley’s “My Home” project in North Fremantle comprises 18 one-bedroom near PassivHaus standard homes destined for over 55 homeless women. The "My Home" project demonstrates that high-quality construction, thermal comfort, enjoyable living spaces, and energy efficiency are achievable in compact, low-cost housing. Initiatives in the design and construction of these houses are part of the solution to reducing global warming and climate change.

Scope: Design, Manufacture & Erect closed panel timber framed walls with windows, insulation, wraps, claddings, flashings & floors & roof.

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The "My Home Project" for me is one of the best projects to highlight the powers of hsbcad. This project contained walls, floors, and roof elements that were closed on all faces of each element, allowing OFFSITE to utilize the sheeting functions along with the hsbcad Detail Overrides to create a model with precision and confidence. The other constraint when designing a closed panel project is that services/penetrations need to be pre-planned and clearly shown to our fabrication team. Using hsbcad allowed us to clearly indicate on our wall/floor elements the location and pathing of services using various TSL functions.

- Sean Rogers
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