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Prefab with a pré by Vadeko

Vadeko manufactures complete timber frame constructions, facade elements and hinge caps to measure. They supply elements that make work on the construction site faster and easier, by using prefab constructions that are not only financially more advantageous compared to traditional construction, but also provide a more favorable position on the CO2 ladder. They are always looking for this kind of added value because timber frame construction is sustainable and can be recycled with little energy. With hsbcad, they go much further than making a 3D model. hsbcad is an increasingly important partner in their processes for logistical solutions, data exchange to construction sites and control of various machines and production lines. They produce elements with smart details. The further processing of the elements and the end result are paramount to their success. Their belief is “smart solutions and detailing that pay for themselves on the construction site through faster and better processing of adjacent building parts”.

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