The 'tools' to create your model

from an Autodesk Revit® building model to CNC production

hsbfabrication model

A hsbfabrication model based on Autodesk Revit beams to assist in the visualisation of complex geometry with tools, providing an accurate representation of the final production.


Full functionality support of CNC interfaces for the beams

Shop Drawing Output

Customisable basic shop drawings of each beam or a combination of beams using hsbExporter

Beam Numbers

Intelligent position numbering on beams for easy identification of beam components

Complex geometry made easy

Add tools to every part of the construction and export to a required format.

Easy creation of Beams

Use edges and surfaces of roofs/floors/walls to create beams

Unlimited tool application

Contains tools such as: Junctions: dovetail, tenon, slots, drills, convex/concave, chamfer …as well as using Autodesk Revit ®commands such as: split-, join-, stretch-, cut- beams, …

What's in the toolbox...

choosing the right tool for the job

FREE version PREMIUM version
Limited to the creation of 20 beams
Limited to the application of 60 tools such as tenon, dovetail etc
Unlimited beam creation and application of tools
CNC export
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