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hsbdesign is a collaborative (BIM) software where designers, project engineers, production and site teams help each other detail projects for the offsite construction industry.

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Design your project with hsbdesign using AutoCAD Architecture or Autodesk Revit for maximum user experience and familiarity.


Using our large arsenal of tools, design and detailing options become truly limitless.


Manufacture your detailed design with automated CNC, shop drawings and bill of materials.

Why hsbdesign


We give you control over your complete design and production facility.

Up to date with ever-evolving market

We continuously update the software to meet the latest industry standards, making sure you are always ahead.

Endless customisability

Our software is praised by many for it’s flexibility, adapting our solutions to your way of working to ensure a seamless experience.

Familiar with ACA and REVIT environment

hsbcad functions inside the ACA and Revit environment,  to offer maximum familiarity.

Building Information Modelling

hsbcad meets the latest BIM standards, ensuring all stakeholders of your projects can virtually collaborate to ensure an excellent end result.

We empower

These construction methods

At hsbcad, we continuously adopt the latest BIM trends, together with our construction partners, providing you with all the detailing possibilities to complete your project design.

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With your favourite software


hsbdesign for AutoCAD Architecture is our core software for which we built all our solutions (products) since 1988 and will passionately continue to do so.

Features & Tools
Construction Methods
BIM Compliance


hsbdesign for Autodesk Revit is our up and coming software that continues to grow with features and benefits. Our solution remains the same, the environment different.

Features & Tools
Construction Methods
BIM Compliance

Jay Bhat

AEC Solutions Autodesk

Autodesk and hsbcad deliver designers and builders a powerful tool for designing, planning and constructing wood buildings following sustainable practices.

Dr. Ing. JM Ducret


” Using hsbcad ensures us to develop in the future BIM Constructions.”

Gary Treanor

Kingspan Century Limited

“The utilisation of hsbcad over the last two decades has been intrinsic to our maintenance of the highest calibre design standards necessary for the production of a product at the forefront of Engineered Timber.”

Dai Ona

Daizen Joinery Ltd.

“We utilize hsbcad software not just for production but for pricing, review and providing solutions.!!!”

Gary Wyatt


“Autodesk is pleased to have hsbcad as a partner in leading industry progress toward the accelerating industrialisation of construction.”

Lucas Epp

StructureCraft Builders Inc.

“They enable us to efficiently create high level of detail 3D models of some of North America’s most complex mass timber projects.”

Tony Tersigni


“Thanks to the whole hsbcad team for their great service, patience of all our questions and the offer of specific solutions for our sometimes difficult architectural challenges in a pleasant, professional way of designing!”

Klaas Van De Kamp

Wijma Kampen

“With this solution we can give our partners even better advice with added value. The chance of failure during the construction is considerably lower.”

Burkhard Lambertz

Rings and Helmig Ltd.

“In comparison with other wood design packages, hsbcad for AutoCAD® Architecture offers real and unlimited 3D design.”

Discover hsbdesign

Unique features

  • One 3D Environment (ACA)

    Detailing within the 2D/3D environment dynamically updates all aspects of your design – be it components, dimensions and bill of materials.
  • Parametric tools (Revit)

    Adjust any aspect of your design – be it a connection, junction, sheeting or even machining.
  • Rich array of build materials

    hsbdesign provides multiple materials, from steel to CLT and wood, allowing you to create one design with all its parts included.
  • What flavour?

    AutoCAD Architecture or Autodesk Revit, You choose the design environment for hsbcad.
  • Full transparency

    What you see in the design is what you get on the machine.
  • Arsenal of tools

    Multiple range of tools to chose allowing you to dynamically change after placement
  • One 3D Environment (Revit)

    Detailing within the 2D/3D environment dynamically updates all aspects of your design – be it components, dimensions and bill of materials.

Hi! I’m Keith Cotter

Technical Account Manager at hsbcad®

If you have a question or would like to know more about our products, I’m here to help!

Our suite

Our products work better together

Design meets Production

Automatically upload all your designs to hsbmake to start manufacturing smartly. Complete utilisation of 3D model helps your team focus on what is important.

Monitoring & gain insight

Gain overview over your production site and generate automated reports to identify key bottlenecks.

Production meets Design

Complete utilisation of 3D model helps your team focus on what is important. What you see is what you get.

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