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Imagine you can....
Imagine you can tune the
collaboration through
project specific templates
Imagine you can connect
all people and devices
to the same cloud based information
Imagine you can keep track
of all your real estate documentation
in real-time

Connect, share and reach for the cloud

Why should you push your model and any data to hsbshare....

Enhance your project with any data

Manage linked metadata relationships with your 3d project securely in the cloud

Access anywhere on any browser

Push your 3d project to the cloud in any of the 50+ Autodesk’s A360 viewable formats

Coordinate on-site progress real-time

Record onsite activity with pictures and comments, relating them to real world coordinates of the 3d model

Create your own apps to determine your workflow

Define your own relationships between documents and the 3d model by using, for example, QR codes

Embed seamlessly into your daily workflow

Collaborate tailored real-time information to stakeholders to increase productivity

Explore and discover in the cloud today

An app to facilitate communication channels between project owners and stakeholders, for sharing of extended meta data orientated around a 3D model. This centralised tool is shared among design offices, site teams and building owners. Coming Soon...