The '5' steps to create your model

from an Autodesk Revit® building model to a scaled physical model

STEP 1. Upload

Upload the Autodesk Revit® building model into the hsbmodel software environment. All information will be integrated in this model.

STEP 2. Split

Split the model into logical, scaled building blocks with a single click. This will automatically take into account the limits of your 3D printer.

STEP 3. Modify

Modify the building blocks to your own preferences and add clickable connections. You can add, resize or reposition every element.

STEP 4. Print

Print all building blocks in multiple segmented print batches. Before printing you can preview every batch and include coding or branding.

STEP 5. Assemble

Assemble the model by clicking or glueing the different building blocks together.

Behold the sight of your own creation in 5 steps!

hsbmodel unplugged...

Some real life case studies used today

hsbmodel at it's best

The first of many design prototypes produced by our in-house revit specialist

Modelling an Australian Dream

A project model designed commercially in Australia by our partners A2Ktechnologies

What's in the toolbox...

choosing the right tool for the job

FREE version PREMIUM version
Limited to stacking of 25 building blocks
hsbcad logo is embossed on each building block
Unlimited amount of building blocks
Customise to your own specific brand image
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